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Rodney Strange

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Rodney Strange, author, entrepreneur, part-time farmer/rancher/cowboy, and West Texas' most eligible bachelor. Author of the 'Adventures of the Rusty Goat,' 'Nineteen Seventy Something' and his newest novel 'The Chimera Parables,' Strange has spun humorous stories based on his own adventures in life and shares them with a vast online audience with his weekly blogs.
Over the years, Mr. Strange has carved out a prominent niche for himself in the online world, having perfected the art of social media marketing. Strange has taken his vast knowledge and experience in web design and created numerous websites of his own, two of which currently reign at the number one position in their niche. Gifted with an eye for graphic design and a passion for writing, he publishes a weekly blog on the popular website, 'The Rusty Goat,' his own creation which has evolved into a full-fledged online magazine.
Recently Mr. Strange was approached by the Linkedin Profinder team and invited to make his expertise in web design and a unique talent for writing available to other professionals and businesses seeking to expand their own online presence. Those interested in obtaining his assistance are free to inquire about his availability for free-lancing a particular project.

Rodney Strange, The Author

Rodney Strange's talent for creative writing was discovered in a high school journalism class in 1975, where he was named editor of the high school newspaper. That same year, Strange overwhelming won first place in every division of UIL Journalism competitions, finally taking second place in state news writing and third in editorial writing. Upon graduation, he left his writing talents behind as he set out to pursue a college education, and then seek 'meaningful employment.' It would be several decades later when Strange would return to his passion of writing, publishing weekly blog posts for several years before leaping into the role of author. Rodney Strange currently has four published novels with a new project underway.  
Author Rodney Strange
Rodney Strange, Web Design

Rodney Strange, The Website Designer

Rodney Strange discovered two things in 1995: the internet and the lack of quality and informative websites on the internet. While the world became infatuated with Yahoo, online gaming, and chat, Strange found himself drawn to the opposite end of the development. Tinkering with web design for years, Strange delved head first into website design in 2004 with his first #1 Google ranked site. The following year he developed his second #1 ranked site. Throughout the years, Rodney Strange has kept abreast of the ever changing world of coding and web design. While his primary interest lies in his own site creations and maintenance, Mr. Strange has occasionally taken on projects for clients, again achieving both elegant and functional web design and top rankings.

Rodney Strange, The Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur at heart, Rodney Strange pursued his passion for agriculture with the purchase of a pecan orchard consisting of 120 pecan trees in 1996. With an eye on profitability and business success, Strange began the study of Dendrology, specifically pecan tree management. As his orchard reached peak production age, he then turned to marketing his pecan crop online, shipping Southern Star Pecans worldwide. As the demand exceeded his supply, Strange began purchasing pecans throughout western Texas to meet his customers' demands. With the onset of a devastating three years drought resulting in major setback in his orchard, Rodney Strange made a difficult decision to put his farming interests on a back burner.

In 2004, at the peak of the influx of the South African Boer Goat into the United States, Rodney Strange purchased a thriving herd of registered Boer goats, producing high quality breeding stock. Southern Star Boer Goats became known throughout Texas and the southwest, drawing potential buyers from significant distances. The popularity of the Boer goat proved to be short lived and Strange regretfully retired his herd, turning to other interests.

Rodney Strange, The Entrepreneur

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